Surf your life like a game

Dive into an innovative navigation experience with MiniMap Radar. Seamlessly melding real-world exploration with digital precision, this app ensures you'll never miss a beat while navigating.

App Store Mini-Map Radar


Dynamic Mini Map

Transform your Apple Watch into a GTA-themed mini-map. Navigate your surroundings with an interactive map right on your wrist.

Customizable Markers

Easily place and edit markers using your iPhone. Watch as they seamlessly sync with your Apple Watch for on-the-go navigation.

Augmented Reality (AR) Mode

Experience an immersive AR mode on your iPhone. View and interact with your markers in a real-world context.

Fitness and Health Integration

Engage in a unique walking training mode. Monitor your heart rate displayed as a health bar, blending fitness with gaming aesthetics.

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App Store Mini-Map Radar